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It's time for a new conversation about fuel. This page features helpful information for you save money on fuel. To learn more, submit a form or find your sales representative.

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Fuel efficiency fundamentals

Idle time, operator technique, equipment selection and technology are some of the key factors that affect fuel efficiency. Focus on the fundamentals and you’ll cut costs, increase productivity and get more work from every tank.

Carolina CAT is commited to helping you save money and be more profitable.

What would you do with an extra $15,000?

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Make Decisions Based On Data

We can't control fuel prices but we can control how much fuel we use to get the job done. Cost of production includes factors like the amount of work to be done, timeframe, revenue rate, etc. The first step to effective management of production costs is making sure you have all the information you need.

Product Link collects crucial data to keep you informed and help you make better and more efficient decisions.

VisionLink is a web-based interface that shows you operator performance, fuel usage, hours, recommended maintenance, site boundaries, inventory and other valuable fleet information.

Learn more about VisionLink and Product Link.



Mark Whiting is a Caterpillar efficiency expert. Here he shares a few quick tips and tricks for improving site setup – simple steps that can make a huge impact. Take a look.


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