Equipment Management Solutions is built to help you monitor location, fuel burn & utilization, as well as health & maintenance issues like hours, fluid contamination & more.

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How EM Solutions Benefits You:

  • Get connected with ProductLink which provides remote access to valuable information about your CAT Equipment.
  • Understanding and tracking your CAT equipment usage will improve efficiency.
  • Designate operation zones for your CAT equipment with geographic fencing.
  • Plan preventative maintenance.
  • Track operator performance with the addition of equipment security integration.
  • Know the history of CAT equipment which will give you the ability to make better bids and quotes for future work.
  • Carolina CAT is right here to help you with every step to better manage your costs.

Here are the levels:


Remote access to electronic data from your equipment is the first step to uncovering additional value.

EMSolutions starts by making sure you’re connected with Product Link™ and its user friendly Web interface, VisionLink®. Product Link is integrated with the electronic control modules on your equipment to collect and deliver valuable information that helps you:

  • Track the location and status of equipment
  • Monitor utilization, availability and health
  • Respond to repair and maintenance indicators more quickly

We can also help you register for CAT PartStore™ for easy online parts ordering and provide training to help you get the most out of the equipment-reporting technologies.

With Level 1: ACCESS, you can easily begin using a range of Cat technologies to track and analyze critical information more quickly...and realize more value from your equipment.

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When you get connected with Product Link, you’ll begin to see immediate results. While you work, your dealer can turn your equipment data into valuable reports that help you learn:

  • How much fuel your fleet is burning compared to similar equipment in your region
  • If fault codes indicate your operators need more training
  • How much time your equipment spends idling versus earning
  • How many hours are on your equipment so you can schedule maintenance on time

We will deliver notifications at the overall fleet level that help you determine if there are areas of concern, like excessive idle time.

Knowledge is power. Level 2: INFORM gives you more information about your fleet, transforming data into operational efficiencies.

Learn More about Level 2


Em Solutions Level 3We have the expertise to build an equipment management solution that meets your
business needs and budget — and goes beyond just data.

Your dedicated Condition Monitoring Advisor can provide valuable advice and expert recommendations about equipment maintenance, utilization and repair. These recommendations work hand in hand with a comprehensive condition monitoring program that can include:

  • Electronic data via Product Link and VisionLink
  • Equipment inspections
  • Fluid analysis via S•O•SSM Services
  • Expert monitoring, analysis and recommendations to help you improve asset health and utilization

Level 3: ADVISE means you have an equipment advisor helping you manage your fleet for maximum efficiency, lowest cost of ownership and highest availability.

Learn more about level 3


Equipment Management SolutionsPerforming regular and timely maintenance is a key component of lowering your owning and operating costs. But tracking and performing routine maintenance on a fleet of large, expensive and technologically advanced equipment requires time and expertise.

Dealer-delivered services in Level 4: SUPPORT include:

  • Condition monitoring for your fleet, including inspections, S•O•S, electronic data, reports and more
  • On-site PM services, including maintenance parts and labor
  • Proactive, expert monitoring of your fleet

Equipment maintenance and repair services in Level 4: SUPPORT are the best way to ensure your maintenance is performed correctly and on time—from excavators to generators and everything in between.

With Level 4: SUPPORT, you can leave the details to us and concentrate on managing your business, not your maintenance.

Learn more about level 4


Equipment Management SolutionsWhen you turn the management of your fleet over to Carolina Cat, you’re not just buying services from a maintenance shop. You’re getting the expertise and resources of a global leader. With Level 5: MANAGE, you’re also:

  • Reducing unscheduled repairs and downtime
  • Ensuring fixed operating and maintenance costs, which enable better business planning
  • Getting world-class service from factory-trained technicians who know your equipment better than anyone
  • Partnering with your local dealer to optimize your fleet performance, availability and lifecycle planning

Level 5: MANAGE delivers proactive equipment management so you can concentrate on your jobs—and your bottom line.

Learn more about level 5

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