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You probably already know we have reliable equipment, fast service, and a team of knowledgeable industry experts.


Did you know that we rent some unusual equipment too?

If you need to float an excavator on a barge, shovel lava, or complete any other crazy task, do NOT think “Too bad we can’t…” but think “I’m calling the Carolina Cat Rental Store. Their wide variety of rental equipment can do anything!”

Here are 5 items you won’t believe you can rent!


324 Long Reach Excavator

Vacuum Trailers

100,040 lb 345D L Excavator

Hydrema 912 HM Trucks

Trucks outfitted with floatation tires,
side dump and a Cat Engine


Obviously we have a TON of other reliable equipment you can rent. Everything from Skid Steers, to Track Loaders. From Motor Graders, to Backhoe Loaders. We are here to help you get your job done more efficiently and effectively. Plus our excellent service will give you the peace of mind you deserve. Visit http://www.carolinacat.com/werent or give us a call at 704-921-1178.

(By Greg Bartos)


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