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Guarantee Sustainability with Cat® Connect Technologies

SustainabilitySustainability isn’t just a buzzword. We all have an obligation to make business and industry choices that are sustainable and respectful to the environment. Using your equipment in an efficient manner can help you lower your fuel consumption, optimize service and maintenance and release fewer emissions. The result is a more sustainable fleet of Cat equipment and reduced downtime and wear.

Sustainability is more than keeping your equipment serviced and reducing fuel economy, however. It can also include things such as:

  • Choosing the right equipment for the job: The right piece of equipment can save you time and effort as opposed to choosing a machine that isn’t adapted for the job at hand. You can work more efficiently and save time, money and fuel and reduce owning and operating costs.
  • Making your equipment last longer: Not only does equipment that has been used in a sustainable manner last longer, it also retains more value at the end of its life and can often be sold as secondhand to another business. Sustainability goes hand-in-hand with increased equipment lifecycle.
  • Maintaining compliance with emissions standards: Government agencies require regular verification and reporting of equipment compliance in terms of fuel and emissions regulations. With Cat Connect technologies, you can easily create reports and show equipment compliance.

In the past, if you wanted to track the efficiency and sustainability of your fleet, you had to do it over a long period. The time-consuming nature of this task meant many business owners simply could not do it. Thanks to onboard Cat Connect technologies, you can follow various equipment parameters and conditions and make adjustments that improve your sustainability.

Getting Help From Our Team

At Carolina Cat, we have years of experience helping customers track their sustainability and find ways to make improvements. We know that offering your customers the promise of sustainable, responsible equipment operation is a boost to your reputation. Running your fleet  in a sustainable manner also has the added benefit of lowering fuel economy and performing regularly scheduled maintenance, which can reduce downtime and extend equipment life.

Contact our team today  and we’ll tell you more about how Cat Connect technologies can guarantee the sustainability of your fleet. Every business is unique, so together we can analyze your fleet and find the creative solutions that are needed for the sustainability and use of your equipment.

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