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Improve Your Productivity with Cat® Connect Productivity Technologies

We all want to be productive. Whether it’s how we organize our crews or how we run our equipment, being productive means doing more with the resources we have available. In terms of your construction and heavy-duty equipment, increased productivity is available at your fingertips thanks to Cat Connect.

Cat Connect is a powerful group of technology features built into your Cat equipment. It includes sensors that record a broad range of operating data and conditions and send them directly to the Cat Connect interface. This means you know exactly how your equipment is being used at all times. As a result, you can make changes that improve your productivity in terms of:

  • Fuel economy
  • Scheduling
  • Load-carrying
  • Vehicle speeds
  • Service and maintenance scheduling

It used to be that when your equipment was out of sight, you were blind to how it was being used. Now you can know at all times where your equipment is and how it is performing. This kind of access to system data can revolutionize how you run your business. Many of our customers here at Carolina Cat are shocked at how much money they were wasting through improper equipment use.

Cat Connect Productivity technologies include the following powerful tools:

  • Payload: Measure material weights and loads for optimization
  • Grade: Improve grading accuracy for best results
  • Compact: Achieve optimal compaction
  • Link: Access machine data in real-time

Improved Productivity Impacts Your Bottom Line

Productivity gains give an instant boost to your profit. When you can get more done in the day with the same number of machines and crew members, you’re saving money. When you can eliminate idling machines at a worksite, you’re saving money. When you can run your equipment at optimal speeds and cycle times, you’re saving money.

Cat Connect Productivity technologies are included in all new Cat equipment and can be retrofitted to some older machines. We invite you to contact our team here at Carolina Cat and learn more. We can help you analyze the productivity data your equipment relays and point out where you can make improvements. Don't sit blind and accept that your current productivity is good enough.

There are many ways to improve your productivity, and all it takes is the real-time data and information Cat Connect provides, coupled with our experience-based solutions that have shown real-world success for other customers. Harness the power, performance and productivity that Cat builds into every one of its pieces of equipment and start putting it to work for you. 

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