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Cat® EMS Fleet Management

Running a fleet of equipment takes organization and intelligence. You need to know where your construction, heavy-duty and mining equipment is at all times. It’s also important to understand how your equipment is being used and if it’s running efficiently. Improper use can lead to damage or failure, so having real-time data on all your equipment allows you to get the maximum performance out of it while ensuring it lasts a long time.

To provide you with all of this information at your fingertips, Cat has created a host of technology-based systems that give you a window on your equipment at all times. Equipment Management Services (EMS) consists of many different systems that combine to give you maximum understanding of important parameters and control over how you run your equipment. EMS includes powerful tools such as:

  • Cat Product Link
  • Cat Vital Information Management System (VIMS)
  • Cat Road Analysis Control (RAC)

Cat Product Link

Product Link™ consists of an ergonomic and intuitive interface called VisionLink® that allows for tracking of your equipment 24/7. You can see exactly where your equipment is thanks to onboard GPS trackers and have access to a whole host of practical information: 

  • Machine utilization
  • Condition of your equipment
  • Customized health reports
  • Mapping and planning

With Product Link, you also have real-time access to the powerful Cat network of dealers when you need advice, information or service. It’s like being with every piece of equipment in your fleet all the time, no matter where it is in the state, country or world. Having a hand on your fleet like that allows you to make modifications that improve your efficiency and add profit to your bottom line.

Cat Vital Information Management System (VIMS)

The performance, reliability and longevity of your valuable equipment comes down to following and reacting to vital parameters such as working times, engine speeds, oil health, fluid temperatures and other engine and system conditions. With VIMS, you can remotely track this data and use it to make adjustments:

  • Indicators that maintenance needs to be performed allows you to schedule accordingly
  • Safe shutdowns can be performed to avoid damage to your equipment
  • Truck loads, cycle times, speeds and delay times are shared in real time
  • Sensors relay information through VIMS when approaching abnormal conditions
  • Track the physical location and speed of your equipment
  • Set avoidance zones for added work zone safety
  • Schedule equipment and personnel for optimized utilization

In the past, you had little visibility on the health and condition of your equipment when it was being used. With VIMS, you have the information accessible on a computer or mobile device and can act and react before something goes wrong. Optimizing the use of your equipment based on this vital information is the best way to get the most out of your valuable equipment investments. 

Cat Road Analysis Control (RAC)

The RAC system takes advantage of the data collected by VIMS to allow for tracking and optimization of haul road conditions for large mining trucks and equipment. Severe road conditions are detrimental to your trucks, so knowing how your equipment is performing at all times allows you to make adjustments that reduce wear and improve efficiency:

  • Engine speeds and fuel consumption can be studied to efficiently carry loads
  • Road conditions can help drivers pick a different path and reduce wear and fatigue
  • Data on frame twisting and loading can indicate which roads need maintenance
  • Understand the health of your equipment in terms of performance and efficiency
  • Reduce emissions with timely maintenance and decreased fuel consumption
  • Identify problems before they arise through fluid analysis and equipment inspection

Don’t sit and watch as your mining equipment and heavy-duty trucks deteriorate because of rough roads or incorrect loading and hauling conditions. Use Cat EMS Fleet Management technology and tools to extract the most from your equipment and save your business money in the long run.

Our team here at Carolina Cat can tell you more, so contact us today and we’ll help you take full control of your mining, construction and heavy-duty equipment for the best results.

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