SOS Fluid Analysis

SOS Fluid Analysis

Reveal Invisible Factors that May Hamper Performance or Uptime

The Fluids Analysis program was created to help machine owners lower the cost of operating and maintaining their machinery by offering comprehensive fluid & oil sampling, analysis and testing solutions. Oil & fluid samples provide a close look into a machine’s overall health and can detect potential problems long before they happen. Oil sampling is recommended every time the oil is changed (normally 250 hours or 15,000 miles). Other fluids should be sampled at least every 500 hours. Test reports include valuable recommendations to help machine owners identify and resolve potential problems before they result in failures. Caterpillar, as well as other manufacturers, requires regular oil sampling and analysis as a condition for warranty coverage.

Access fluid analysis

Carolina Cat's advanced science lab can evaluate more than 30 characteristics from each fluid sample, including:

  • Wear metals
  • Water
  • Fuel dilution
  • Glycol/coolant
  • Foreign particles
  • Viscosity
  • Soot and sulfur compounds
  • And more

And from each fuel sample we can evalute:

  • Contamination levels
  • Corrosion levels
  • Stability

Fluid & oil testing is completed and reported in 24 hours or less from the sample arriving at the lab. Samples can be dropped off at any Carolina Cat location

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